B-737 N7399F
DTW Jul 1984

B-737 N7385F
DTW Oct 1979

B-737 N7344F
DTW Mar 1981

B-737 N7349F
SMF Apr 1981

B-727 N7270F
OAK Nov 1966

DC-3 N64422
DEN Feb 1966

CV-580 N73162
MCI Nov 1977

CV-580 N73102
ELP Jun 1977

CV-580 N73106
DEN Jun 1966

CV-580 N73127
DEN Jun 1972

CV-580 N73132
FOE Feb 1979

CV-600 N74851
SAT Jun 1967

CV-600 N74857
DEN Nov 1966

DC-3 N19454
DEN May 1966

MD-81 N849HA
DTW Sep 1989

MCI Nov 1977

B-737 N7396F
DTW Mar 1981

B-737 Way back There
STL Mar 1976

DC-3 Way Back There
DEN May 1966

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